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"We suffered from acne and rosacea for years and wanted to find a holistic approach to healing our skin. Now at 39 year old KOA LIFE has healed our skin issues and we're living our best-skin ever. Now we want those results for every women!"

- Founders, The Naven Twins

Kymber & Alexis McClay

Meet The Founders


"KOA LIFE face oil makes my skin feel so smooth and healthy. It also makes my face shine and glow! Not in a greasy way, but in a healthy way. I am totally a fan and wear this every day and night under my makeup or on my bare skin. I love it"

"I tried this oil because my skin looked dull and just very blah. Not only was the oil soft, easy to use, absorbed well without causing a breakout, but it gave my skin a natural glow. Easy to use, and it also seemed like my makeup went on easier."

"This glow oil is fabulous. a couple drops of this oil and your glowing like the sun. This product is a miracle oil. It helped my sunburn heal within 3 days. I use a couple drops every couple days and my face is smooth and hydrated and keeps that glow."

"My skin always gets so red and irritated after washing my face, and glow oil does a fantastic job calming the inflammation and my skin looks so radiant and silky soft. Definitely going to keep using this to take advantage of everything it has to offer!"

"Amazing. I have a lot of redness and hyperpigmentation and in two days | see a difference! This is super light and gentle and it smells amazing. My skin feels clean without feeling stripped my face with harsh chemicals. My new favorite cleanser."

"This cleanser is great!! I loved the foaminess and the smell. It has a rich lather and it left my skin really soft and hydrated. | used moisturizer after and my skin felt amazing!!"

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