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In honor of Acne Awareness Month

we're giving away our Acne Kit a $130 value to 10 acne sufferers.


Here's why this is so important to us

 As we hit our mid-thirties our perfect skin changed to problem skin. We developed painful adult acne and a damaged skin barrier. These changes that 80% of women globally experience, dimed our confidence and caused not only physical but emotional distress. We searched hopelessly for a natural skincare solution after a deep dive into the harmful effect of chemicals in regular skincare. With no luck, we partnered with our doctor and developed KOA LIFE. Now at 40 we're living our best skin, on a mission to create these same skin success stories.
Giveaway ends June 30th 2023

1.What You Win: KOA LIFE Acne Kit including: Vit C Brightening Cleanser, Mist Me Rejuvenating Toner, Scrub Me the Right Way, and Booster Serum.

2.How to Enter: (1) Follow @thatkoalife on Instagram (2) Enter your email in the signup form (3) Submit a before image of your skin with no makeup on showing your acne breakout.

3.If you Win: You agree to only use only the KOA LIFE Acne Kit products as directed daily for 30 days. At the end of the 30 days, you'll submit your after picture of your skin with no makeup on showing your results. Entering the contest confirms we have permission to use your images for marketing purposes to show others what can be achieved. 

4.How we Select a winner: 10 winners with acne prone skin will be chosen at random from the list and announced via email on July 1st.

 Good Luck!

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