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Vit-C Brightening Set
Vit-C Brightening Set
Vit-C Brightening Set
Vit-C Brightening Set
Vit-C Brightening Set
Vit-C Brightening Set
Vit-C Brightening Set
Vit-C Brightening Set
Vit-C Brightening Set
Vit-C Brightening Set

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Supercharged by Vitamin C, the Vit-C Brightening Set is your daily skincare kit to cleanse + hydrate your skin. This is our suncare collection that protects and repairs your skin from the sun, the biggest contributor to aging, including hyperpigmentation and free radical damage. See dark spots fade & your skin transform in 1 month of daily use from our nourishing formulas.



Powerful antioxidant properties of Vitamin C
Repairs and protects against sun damage 
Anti-aging properties to fight wrinkles increase radiance
Lightens & brightens skin and reduces hyperpigmentation 
Cleanses and kills bacteria under the skin to fight acne



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Vit-C Brightening Oil | Daily Face Oil 15 ml
Vit-C Brightening Cleanser | 30 ml


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Doctor-formulated skincare using botanical science and the power of antioxidant rich plants to hydrate, purify, and detox your skin for a healthy glow.

Clean Ingredients 

Top natural and organic plant ingredients from farms in Colorado & California. Each product is vegan, cruelty-free, chemical-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free.

Socially Conscious 

We've partnered with the Girl Fund, empowering teen girls in developing nations and third-world countries create a future where they thrive

What Makes This Special

Vit-C Brightening Oil | Face Oil 15ml

Deeply nourishing daily face oil helps to brighten the skin, hydrate, and enhance radiance. Vitamin E, Rosehip, hemp, and other restorative oils protect, moisturize, soothe, and strengthen the skin barrier.

Vit-C Brightening Cleanser | 30ml 

Buttery foam daily cleanser infused with Vitamin C, D-Panthenol, Lavender Oil, and other restorative amino acids, peptides, and antioxidants. Reduces  reduce hyper-pigmentation, evens out skin tone, and fights breakouts. 

Nourishing Organic Ingredients

Sweet Orange Peel

Ultra-hydrating and reduces congestion that causes blemishes.

Rosehip Seed Oil 

Reduces wrinkles and free radicals that cause aging and fades dark spots.


Anti-inflammatory to rejuvenate and calm the skin, reduce premature aging, and reduce pore size 

Vitamin E 

Potent Antioxidant that locks in moisture and protects skin from damage.

Meet the Founders

Kymber & Alexis McClay

"We suffered from acne and rosacea for years and wanted to find a holistic approach to healing our skin. Now at 39 year old KOA LIFE has healed our skin issues and we're living our best-skin ever. Now we want those results for every women!" -

Glowing Reviews Say It All

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