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Koa Life Glow Set

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This natural organic skincare set is nature's botox. Nourish, repair, and protect your skin with this potent anti-aging daily face oil. See results after about 1 month of daily use.



Anti-aging in a bottle
Doctor-formulated natural & organic  
Deeply hydrating for dewy youthful skin
Massager detoxified & reduces puffiness 
Lifts & firms to fight wrinkles



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    Fountain of Youth | Daily Face Oil 15 ml
    Gua Sha | Rose Quartz Massager



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      Doctor-formulated skincare using botanical science and the power of antioxidant rich plants to hydrate, purify, and detox your skin for a healthy glow.

      Clean Ingredients 

      Top natural and organic plant ingredients from farms in Colorado & California. Each product is vegan, cruelty-free, chemical-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free.

      Socially Conscious 

      We've partnered with the Girl Fund, empowering teen girls in developing nations and third-world countries create a future where they thrive

      What Makes This Special

      Fountain of Youth | Jasmine Face Oil

      The Fountain of Youth daily face oil that’s known as “anti-aging in a bottle”. It's an ultra-enriched, fast-absorbing, and anti-aging facial oil packed with plant extracts that leave your skin radiant.  

      Gua Sha | Rose Quartz Massager 

      Massage guns increase blood flow, which shuttles nutrients into the muscle while also removing blood that may have pooled in the muscles - bringing a feeling of relaxation, comfort.

      Nourishing Organic Ingredients

      Jasmine Flower

      Ultra-hydrating and reduces congestion that causes blemishes.

      Rosehip Seed Oil 

      Reduces wrinkles and free radicals that cause aging and fades dark spots.


      Anti-inflammatory to rejuvenate and calm the skin, reduce premature aging, and reduce pore size 

      Vitamin E 

      Potent Antioxidant that locks in moisture and protects skin from damage.

      Meet the Founders

      Kymber & Alexis McClay

      "We suffered from acne and rosacea for years and wanted to find a holistic approach to healing our skin. Now at 39 year old KOA LIFE has healed our skin issues and we're living our best-skin ever. Now we want those results for every women!" -


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