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Simple as

One, Two, Three

1. Cleanse

Our best-selling Vitamin C Cleanser Fades dark spots, even skin tone, and smooths skin texture, for brighter, lighter, more radiant skin.

2. Hydrate

Our best-selling face oil is packed with anti-aging oils like Grape Seed and Hemp Seed Oil to nourish the skin and rewind time.

3. Pucker Up

Our new Vit-C Lip Treatment is infused with antioxidants and plant-peptides to revive dull dry lips and render kissable!

Skin success stories


Dr. Kim utilizes her proprietary Bi Bong formulas as a Doctor of Herbology + Oriental Medicine formulating KOA LIFE products. Our potent formulas target aging, acne, hyperpigmentation, and dry dull skin.

Our Skin Journey

At 40 we have our best skin yet and here's why! We started KOA LIFE from a feeling of hopelessness dealing with our problem skin. We’re talking “angry skin” covered in acne, redness, and dark spots. Skin issues that destroyed our confidence. We tried everything searching for a solution. When we finally got fed up with doctor recommendations for chemical products that are harmful to the body, we decide to develop a natural solution. We partnered with one of the best female doctors in the industry and launched KOA LIFE’s natural skincare. KOA LIFE healed our skin and we want those results for other women.


Meet the Founders